The beginning

I am really fascinated by music and how it can make us feel so many emotions at the same time. Some of joy and some of sadness and sometimes it just makes you feel like dancing! I was experimenting by visualising music in audio waveforms using the Adobe Suite. Links to my work are on this page.

First Attempt

This was my first attempt. The waveforms looked great however the dotted waveform made it look messy so I knew to improve this next time.

Second Attempt

This was my next attempt on a short music video, I removed the dotted waveform and also tweaked the height of the waveform a little so it wouldn't touch the edges of the video frame.

Final Attempt

Here I made a visual for a really long video and again modified the height so the waveform wouldn't hit the frame and I also played around with the colours a little bit more.