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My Portfolio

Hi my name is Nayan Waghmare. This is my website showcasing off my interest in Computer Science. Along with my interest in Computing I also really enjoying Mathematics and thus take Maths and Further Maths along with Computing and Physics as my AS levels. Whilst I enjoying computing, I also really like Music and have experimented by visualising it using the Adobe CC suite.

I currently attend Upton Court Grammar School and am in Year 12 as an AS student. You can see the location of my School on Google Maps which is on this page.

This website is under development and will always get new pages added to it, some features of the website may not work too and there maybe few bugs, please report them directly to me on my email.


My Laptop

I do all my work on this and it is a beast of a laptop with extreme specs and high end configs.

It is the MSI GS70 with an i7 processor and 970m with 16GB of RAM with 2 SSD's in raid and a 1TB hard drive.

It boots up in under 10 seconds and always runs smoothly on my 150mbps internet.

It is also very thing for the hardware that is in it and that is what made me buy this laptop!

CSS3 Animation

This is an animation created in Html5 and CSS3 code.I created a square first and then changed the 4 vertices.

In order to change the curvature, I used the border-radius property.

The colour is changed by the background-color property the div element.

In addition, the transform:scale() property is used to make it fit.

Quadratic Solver

This is my Quadratic Solver which was made using JavsScript. Please have a go and test it.

A,b and c must be integer values for this solver to work properly.

The answers are given to 2 decimal places and this solver will not calculate imaginary numbers.

Report any errors you may encounter to my email address.

School Contact

School Address

Here is the address of my school.

Slough, UK

01753 522892